Could your parents be superheroes in secret? Think about it - they can tell if something is wrong like Peter Parker's spider senses; pieces of furniture seem to weigh nothing as if Clark Kent carried them; a boring garage would instantly turn into a party place as if Barry Allen moved to organize it.

Bonza Brats, one of the leading online kids fashion retailers in Australia, created a visual representation showing why parents could very well be superheroes in their own right. Children would get to appreciate what their parents do 24/7, while Mums and Dads would see some of the quirks they might not be aware of. Enjoy reading this with your family and comment below with any additional traits your parents did that made them extraordinary.

Bonza Brats carries a large assortment of kid's clothing products, ranging from everyday garments to top end designer labels. The store is dedicated to helping parents dress their kids in trendy clothes that are versatile and functional. We have been in the business since 1986 and our staff are trained to help customers with sizing, colours, and fashion. Apart from clothing apparel, we also have kids toys and products for parents.


Why Mums And Dads Are Superheroes Without The Capes

Why Mums and Dads Are Superheroes without the Capes - An infographic by the team at Bonza Brats

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